She carries flowers in her car


Peaking through the glass
Flowers white, purple, orange
Captured in her car
Captured in her car
A floral celebration
Inner happiness
Inner happiness
Dim the noise, streets and people
Her spring aria

While waiting in my car, I saw these flowers peaking through the windshield of the car parked in front of me. They were fresh cut flowers in a small vase or glass test tube of sorts and somehow affixed next to the steering wheel. I had never seen something like this before. It captured my attention and I have been pondering what to write about it for a few days. Hence this trio. Thanks for reading


photo 3 The spring sun
His gentle kisses
warm my skin
Glorious spring
blossom in prayer garden
Temple open to all
Spring arrives today
Tomorrow winter again
Bipolar weather

Today at the park my daughter Rue began twirling with so much joy that I couldn’t help but include the picture here. What better way to pay tribute to nature than the the spontaneous and joyous dance of a child? It reminded me of the twirling of dervish. Then I came home and saw this lovely Haiku prompt. Coincidence? I think not!
The last one refers to the erratic weather we have been having here, today it was spring with temperatures in the upper 70’s, tomorrow it will be down to freezing rain and snow again …

The gap between


Take heaven take hell
I have a reservation
the gap in between

The gap in between
Hell is amongst the living
Heaven upon death

The gap in between
Suspended in twilight zone
Punctuate this life

The above image was taken last summer during a massive and destructive hail storm. Hail, Hell, well not really but something about ice-balls falling from the sky in the heat of summer feels surreal and the steam rising above the grounded ice felt kind a twilight zone-ish. OK it didn’t at the time but now that I want to link this to the DP Daily prompt Twilight Zone, it suddenly does! Thanks for reading … 🙂

Haiku Heights Prompt: Stone

I haven’t written any Haiku lately but seeing the lovely creations of my friends inspired me to give it another shot. This is for the prompt “Stone” which somehow reminded me of the cruel and barbaric practice of stoning and the fact that it is still practiced in parts of the world known to me …


Red tinged stone
Punish me with pain
I embrace death

This follow up Haiku is by a dear blogger friend Alice Keys.

“blood soaked altar
welcome freedom from the past
dissolve into God”

Carpe Diem Haiku “Eyes”

Carpe Diem a daily Haiku meme prompt for today is “Eyes”.

Afghan girl
Through her deep green eyes
Many stories are told
Of the harsh mountains
Eyes speak the words
Her lips won’t say to your ears
Listen with your eyes

Lioness and cubs
The wild Lioness
Watching over little cubs
Mother’s loving eyes


The meeting of eyes
Predator over her pray
His fate is sealed now

After reading the prompt these images poped in my head. First was the Afghan girl, one of my all time favorites. Then I saw a predator and a prey for which I can’t bring myself to post pictures. Perhaps I’ll keep this as a metaphorical short, characters can be lovers, even!  The last image in my head was that of a lioness with her cubs. These eyes are telling stories of life, love and survival …

Thanks for reading
January 25, 2013

Carpe Diem Haiku “Silk”

I saw the prompt “silk”
Working Japanese children
Childhood memories
Luxurious silk
Small children work with small hands
Tired, sleepless, low wages
Silky soft, lovely
This seductive kimono
Children died to make

Today I read a few Haiku based on a Carpe Diem Haiku prompt. Vividly beautiful and and full of seductive colors and imagery. Yet all I could think of were the old Japanese movies I saw growing up, depicting the Silk mills of the late 1800’s and early 1900 with terrible working conditions for workers who were primarily very young women working long hours with low wages and succumbing to disease such as TB. I hadn’t thought of this in a very long time. But I realize I don’t own any silk. I never buy it and I wonder if my unconscious has been masterminding this silk-ban as a result of those movies. At least the topic inspired me to write these three Haiku. If you click on the Carpe Diem link above, you’ll find wonderfully written examples from other writers that more eloquently talk about silk.