And memories rush in, I
looking out the window, they
riding their bikes
Against my loneliness and it tastes bitter
Feeling awkward in a new neighborhood

Another day and pouring rain
A knock on our door and I peek through the glass
Yellow rainboots
A girl about my age looking bold
With a big smile she says hello
“I’ve seen you ride your bike”
She invites me to join her
Some other day I whisper
I don’t know how to ride

And girls come one by one
On a sunny day with a common goal
To teach me to ride
They hold the back and I pedal
They let go and I am ok
Riding, feeling cool air brush across my face

No longer them and I
We become us
They stand on the sidewalk of our alley
Cheering on
As I do now with my kid
As my parents never did

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