The other day when
Night was merging with day and
My eyes burned for a blink yet
Dreams where nowhere to be found
I reached for a rock

By my bed. I knew
It wasn’t there
Daylight. This illusion
There is night
The rest are stories we tell

My fingers curled around and
felt its rough edges
I aimed and threw
Piercing the damned window
And the light it let through

I punctured the dawn and it burst
with dazzle and thunder
falling lifelessly as dust
Glorious darkness. Ah!
Until another day
And another set of lies


2 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Ah, Parmis, this is beautifully written. So real for me. What you wrote could be me; on those days that I hardly sleep anything to do to burst the listlessness and yes the pain in my joints. 🙂

    1. Hi Celestine and thanks so much for your encouraging words. I am sorry to hear about the arthritis and can relate. It used be just thoughts that kept me up, now aches and pains have joined the party! Hope you find a remedy to ease the pain.

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