In Search of Peace

Driving along
this hilly landscape
artfully sketched to perfection
Edges softened
Wind upon rain
Grass over rocks
Life breathing

Cows and deer peacefully
nibble on green
along the road they belong and I
look away when a corpse appears
in the rear view red
splattered over asphalt
May I have peace, not be disturbed
by this ghastly site

The radio hums in a distance
Suddenly near
another death or many
another bomb another suicide, I
shiver and reach to change the station
May I have peace, not be disturbed
by this sickening news

The road goes on
Shapes are shifting
Hills have flattened and gray appears
dirt frosted widows
no one peaks through
No laughter
Lifelessly breathing
Sirens and the sound of brakes screeching
as tired angry hands slam on horns, mine

Figures appear shaped
like someone I knew
They hurriedly shuffle along
Eyes drawn not onto each other
or mine
but to a screen, deafening silence
May they have peace
not be disturbed by these repulsive views

The road goes on and I
take another sip through a cherry colored straw
from a cup
as it keeps my drink chilled
delivering liquid sugar to my perched lips
Conditioned air is no match
for the molten rays attacking
through the glass
They burn my skin

I glance out the window onto a field
as vast as the hills I saw before
Upon them piles of lifeless trash
Once a chair or a television a computer perhaps
Bottles and cups with cherry colored straws
Tires, bags, wood and glass
shamelessly splattered
in an endless mass
I squint seeking the edge
nowhere to be found
Death thrives here
and I drive on
May I have peace, not be disturbed
by this alarming site


3 thoughts on “In Search of Peace

      1. Thank you so much for saying that, it means a lot! Your work is beautiful as well!

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