I am the queen of detours
Master of distractions
My quest to be informed
Leads me nowhere
Leaves me misinformed
I gather nuisance along the way
How ironic
A mass of nothings
Bent and hunched over
Beneath its weight
I carry a world
Upon my shoulders


3 thoughts on “Detours

  1. Parmis,

    I’m glad to read a new post from you. This one is especially meaningful to me. I’ve been one to try to learn everything I can to do everything as right as I can and end up carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders especially when it turns out that much is misinformation.

    Good work putting this into a poem.:-)


    1. Thanks so much Alice. I was inspired after reading your post. I find your opinions, poems and prose to be poignant, fluid and with purpose. I am content and informed when I read the words you eloquently share in your blog. Even if the material is heavy, it somehow lifts me up! Thanks as always for stopping by.

      1. Parmis,

        “Even if the material is heavy, somehow it somehow lifts me up! ”

        This sentence of yours made my day! This is how I feel about I writing on dark topics. When I sort through difficult feelings and dark truths and I get a better grip on whats going on around me, I feel better.

        I’d rather see and know the truth than be blind and vulnerable to lies

        Thanks again, my friend. 🙂

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