My roots are gone
But I’m still here
Plucked from my homeland

Too young to understand
Too old to forget
This is where I land

The road was long
and the trip short
Somewhere in between we came apart

Now I probe the sky
in search of the past
and I wish to fly

My roots hover above the clouds
Suspended and far
I am here shackled with chains


6 thoughts on “Roots

    1. Thanks Alice. I wrote this after talking to some former classmates from Iran who also moved away. My childhood friends who stayed behind either maintained their friendships. Those of us who moved more or less feel this way.
      I realized the few exchanges I have on wordpress are more meaningful and satisfying than many in person conversations with other friends. I am grateful for your friendship which has become a great source of comfort and inspiration.

      1. Parmis,

        I could not have survived the immense loneliness I experienced during our recent attempt at French immigration without people like you through my wordpress account. It was the straw I clung to.

        Immigration brought a deep and essential loneliness unlike any I’d experienced when moving from one US state to another (which was VERY hard).

        The rootlessness and loneliness of moving to another country is orders of magnitude greater. I didn’t manage it. You are a strong woman.

        Thanks for being here. You are a comfort to me as well.

        Relationships (family and community) are much more important than the captains of industry who rule us want us believe.

        Relationships are everything. Keep your family close.Whatever it takes.


  1. A heartfelt poem. Having now lived in the US longer than in my birth country of Ireland, I too feel this strange rootlessness. And though I visit Ireland often I always feel as though I hover on the threshold of two countries and cultures.

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