Weaving a home

The spider’s web
The nuisance of it
I seemingly sweep it up
in a flash
But there is more
one more strand

What do they call
That itty-bitty thing
Hair, fiber, the last life line perhpas
The little spider in its web
Does it hate me back?

Itsy-bitsy spider
weaves herself a web
of many more strands
Undeterred by the war waged on her
and her strands

My web, my home
built on a single strand
Was swept up with a single blow
Was it the wolf?
I wonder and search the land

It is me, and us this time
We must weave again
not one, but many strands
People, spiders and wolves
Together against the faceless man


4 thoughts on “Weaving a home

  1. Parmis,
    You’ve captured some of my feelings about leaving behind a home and trying to weave a new life for myself and my family. It’s not easy.

    1. Thanks Alice. As I wrote more, I began thinking about how wary of these useful spiders I am and how without much thought I destroy their homes.
      Much like the rich fearing the poor, one religious group fearing the other, one race or skin color fearing the next and destroying their communities, homes, etc, forgetting the bigger evil that threatens us all. I tried to convey these feelings with my last few lines. I couldn’t blame the spiders if the were looting my home and uprising against my brutality!
      As always thanks for reading and sharing your own experience. I am comforted to know I am not alone in these feelings.
      p.s. Jim’s Alien encounter cheered me up again today. I’m glad to see him turn life’s lemons into something positive 🙂

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