Do dreams die?

Do dreams wither and die
as they go unrealized
do I?

was it yesterday
or years ago
when I

had a wish not so grand
to sing and dance
play too

when paint brush called out
my name, “come!”
I heard

never to reach and hold
the hand that sought

piano keys black and white
their music unheard
silenced songs

I thought I had forever
not now I said

years went by as they do
my unspoken words
gone too

they did not wait for me
to arrive, they thought
I had died

This poem was inspired after reading Harlem by Langston Hughes. 


One thought on “Do dreams die?

  1. “years went by as they do” This is so true. This is a thoughtful poem.

    But dreams have a way of sneaking back into life when there’s room for them. Mine surely have.


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