Tired of divisions

I am
That is it
I am.
no explanation
no apology
no justification
I am.
You are.
no additives
no preservatives
We are.
not this nor that
Tired of divisions
color, race, religion
we belong
we – humans
done with pride
done with shame
We are.
this shared experience called life
trees, mountain and rivers
they are.
no tallest, highest, deepest
without anger, envy or regret
They just are.
We are.
In life
In death
and between the two
the same
that is all
we can claim


One thought on “Tired of divisions

  1. Parmis,

    “no additives
    no preservatives”

    This made me smile stop and smile when I got to it. It was like reading the ingredients on the back of the box of “natural” humanity. You get what’s in this box. And all of us are in the same box.

    This is a lovely poem. I had to read it twice. 🙂

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