Love – Faith – chocolate

Last night I fell in love in a dream.

He was a man of faith (as I came to learn) and worked at a chocolate store. He showed me boxes of beautifully arranged and deliciously made chocolate. The colors and the arrangements were so vivid. He showed me his favorite flavors. I don’t remember them. I remember this one particular dark chocolate creation that was simple, elegant and seemed interesting. I blurted out “it looks like an adorable little black bible!” I immediately regretted saying it. I got this sense that he was a man of Christian faith who would take offense to it. I tried to apologize and followed with “I meant to say a cute little Quran, not a Bible!) He smiled and faded away. I “felt” his disapproval of my comparison, and of me. I don’t know why I remember this as a “falling in love” story. It felt as such.

These days my usual religious views have taken a radical turn to the left. I no longer respectfully disagree with them. I despise them. I see them as a major source of pain and suffering in the world. I don’t know about God. I can’t be sure, but for me, religion is done. The only exception may be Pope Francis and my beloved deceased grandmother who was a devout Muslim.

I do like chocolate though. I can understand the pairing of chocolate with romantic love. But that of religion was rather peculiar!

As always, thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Love – Faith – chocolate

  1. I love chocolate, too.

    You are right to be skeptical of organized religions. They are inspired and organized from outside by man. Spirit speaks from inside.

    Well thought and well written.


  2. You’re definitely safer with chocolate than “religion“. No doubt about it.

    If you’ll follow, far enough, the line of reasoning that brought you to the conclusion you’ve reached regarding religion you’ll soon come to realise that the “belief” in any “god” is the basis for, and just as contrived as, any cult. And all religions, without exception, are cults.

    Just my opinion

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