The disease: Too much, not enough

I live in America
where three cases of Ebola
throws us into hysteria
We buy survival kits
We dress in a hazmat suits

I live in America
Were a common disease
The disease of gun violence
Contagious as sin
sparks no action

I live I America
among the givers of death and its takers
We who do nothing
in the face of this common threat
We become the disaese


3 thoughts on “The disease: Too much, not enough

  1. Parmis,

    Thanks for writing poetry for social change. Sometimes a poem is the best way. This one is clear and succinct. You are so right about guns. We are a country in thrall of violence who worship tools of killing.

    During our media-generated Ebola frenzy, I kept thinking of all those who are injured and die each day on the road. Driving is still the most deadly and dangerous of human behavior. Driving is a contagious epidemic whose deaths are unspoken by the commercial media.

    “Commercial media” is the important piece in these puzzles. Follow the dollars. What new untested drugs will be spun and sold to us by this? Plus, we increased our military footprint Africa.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking poem.

    All the best. Be well.

    1. Thanks so much Alice! I feel so inspired by reading your comments. I have so much to learn. I am still naive. Though I remain very skeptical and disillusioned, I am not as informed as I ought to be. You have been a much appreciated guiding light for me. I agree with your point about cars, though their primary purpose is perhaps less evil since they are not intentionally designed to be a the deadly. Guns however, are precisely created to be that.
      The commercial media is poison to my soul. I didn’t see it before, I do now … I have so much to learn. Time will tell about the new drugs. Lots of money to be made there for sure. The Ebola vaccine doesn’t even have to pass phase 1 trials before hitting the market. I hope it works but then again to see the formerly reluctant pharmaceuticals jump on this “opportunity” like vultures and in matter of months deliver a “product” is less than savory.

      1. Parmis,
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

        Turn off the media for three months and notice your feelings and thoughts change for the better. They will. You may notice less fear and anger. There is a detox, especially at first. There may be anxiety and a compulsive desire to turn it back on. Then there’s more peace and clearer thoughts the longer you’re unhooked. Yes. Your kids are effected, too. Everyone is. Even those who believe they’re to smart to be taken in. Maybe especially those.

        There has been a media frenzy IN THIS COUNTRY that has people SEEMING to beg for untested drugs at any price. Media reports are all suspect. Even these.

        And we’ll get more of what we’ve always gotten. More untested drugs at enormous price.

        And these drugs will not make it to Africa any better than the HIV drugs made it there. They have no money so get no drugs. (Even if happen to turn out to be safe and effective.)


        Much love, my friend and colleague. Keep reading, thinking and writing.


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