Different but the same

We all smile in the same language

A Jew, a Christian, a Muslim and an atheist go to a pizza place. A jew, a christian, a muslim and an atheist go to a pizzeria. Or was it a bakery? It was a coffee shop perhaps, or the corner bistro …
They go and share a meal, some cake and coffee. When they are finished the muslim says: this was delicious. The christian says: It was devine. The atheist says: Outstanding! And the jew says: “pretty good. Pretttty, prettty, pretttty good”! Different but the same, don’t you agree?

As I was trying to write this, my spell checker autocorrected christian to capitalize C. It underlined jew and muslim but for the atheist, it didn’t bother to do anything. In the eye of Word, and for the “godless”, lower case seemed just fine. I initially capitalized the A of atheist to give it more power, more legitimacy. But ultimately I decided to keep all of them lower case. In my opinion the struggle for power and superiority in any or all these ways of life and philosophies is a problem. The, “I know it better” and “I have it all figured out”. The “my way is the right way”.
I was watching a travel show about a town in Spain where people of different faiths appeared to live together peacefully. The travel guide said something about how people from different cultures and religions were living together at peace. The local person gently corrected that it was people from the same culture but different religions who were living together.

In a way, aren’t we all of the same culture? The culture of humanity. The culture of people. We all eat when hungry, sleep when tired, smile when happy and cry when sad, we enjoy good friendships, fall in love, and strive for happiness. We have so much in common, beyond that of religion, politics, race and geography. In a world where differences are emphasized and CAPITALIZED, I wish to celebrate our commonness. The seemingly ordinary similarities are rather extraordinary.

As for the above image, those are my kids of course, enjoying a lovely autumn day in our front yard.

As always, thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Different but the same

  1. Your children are so beautiful and happy.

    Your essay is a good reminder that we are all one. You are right that differences are emphasized and encouraged. This land is ruled through the use of the myth of the free individual. The U.S. a clear case of “divide and conquer”.

    Keep your dear ones close. Love your neighbors as yourself. Love even those neighbors who live on the other side of the earth.

    I’m glad to see your writing.

    1. Thanks so much Alice for reading my posts and commenting. I have really missed being here and exchanging ideas with you. We are all neighbors, and I try to be loving. I hope this love can cross all borders, and reach each and everyone of my neighbors.

      I too have been afflicted with this individualism. I often find myself feeling lonely amongst people, longing for the close relationships I knew before I immigrated to this country. I always thought it was “they” who did not include me, but I am just as reluctant to include “them” or be included. It has become a vicious cycle. There is hope though, I am closer to family now and are making new friends here.

      1. Parnis,
        I’m glad you have some time and energy to touch base again. My thoughts have been with you even while you’ve been otherwise occupied.

        Being closer to family and making new friends is the right direction. Do more of that. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! The kids have been simultaneously distracting and creatively inspiring. I learn so much just by watching them but seldom get a chance to write it down. I’m glad I could share a little bit of it here.

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