I almost didn’t see it
and wish I hadn’t
Such tiny
baby animal
A rat or
A possum
A rodent of kind
Waiting to die
On the ground
So passive
Yet alive
Rapidly fluttering chest
Tiny little thing
I turned my head
Too late
Momma rodent
Come on back
Your baby is
Dying like a rat
I hate this woman
That I am
This privilege
that I have
I glance in my rearview mirror
My four year old happy in her seat
And the pregnant me
With the fetus who kicks
We are alive for now

This was a year ago …


One thought on “Inaction

  1. This is a great poem and something that I think about often. I always feel horrible for these tiny creatures when they come face-to-face with a car, they scarcely have a chance. How sad.

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