You in my embrace

You in my Embrace

A lump of joy
stuck in my throat
Making my eyes tear
and my heart float

A million little thoughts
dissolve in my mind
I have no words
as emotions rise

Gazing in your eyes
With a love so strong
I weep and laugh
this is where I belong

Many unspoken words
in so small a place
contain all the riches
you in my embrace

A lump of joy
A million little thoughts
Nothing but this moment
I hold you in my arms


5 thoughts on “You in my embrace

  1. Love is exactly like this. Your poem reminds me of when my boys were babies. Everything else pales next to these moments of passion. Thanks for this. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Alice. Being a mother to a baby boy, what a joy! Hope you and the boys are enjoying your new home and I can’t wait to meet your jazzy family someday soon.

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