Sick and well

When I’m sick
That’s all I am
I’m no longer “me”

When I feel ill
That is all I feel
My other senses
all disappear

I merge with sickness
No way to escape
This thing I became

That is how it goes
A sick and whiny thing
It becomes my fate

Yet when I feel well
Sick is forgotten
Gratitude gone

Is there a way
To take some of ill
Back to wellness
For gratitude
If for nothing else


7 thoughts on “Sick and well

  1. This is very thoughtful and true. “Merged” with sickness is true, especially with a big sickness. Occasionally, when I’ve been VERY sick (like this year) I tap dance around in gratitude for a long while. I still am. Near death makes life vivid and wonderful. 🙂

    1. I am so glad you are tap dancing in gratitude 🙂 That is such a wonderful way of describing it, both metaphorically and literally. Gratitude takes effort on my part but once I put in little work to take myself to a place of gratitude, magic happens. I am filled with peace, love, humanity, a sense of worth and being not only content but deeply and truly satisfied as a human being, a sense of connection and purpose. Amazing how all those can come from the same mind that can also create a negative, hostile and hateful prison for me. The mind is truly an amazing thing.

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