I want more of me

I am tired
But I want more
More of this
More of me
me in here
Being this
and that
Has taken a lot
Chunks and chunks
What is left?
Most days
I am absent
From day to night
I am here now
And I want more
More of this
More of me
More of now


3 thoughts on “I want more of me

    1. I was playing with a new theme. This is a park in front of our house with these Live Oak trees. This was a strange stormy day with gold ball size hail that soon began to melt and created this hazy, foggy effect. I’ll be leaving this place soon and it has given me a few fond memories to keep with. I started to write here, I had my baby boy here, it hasn’t been all bad. it has been good. I’m not ready for ending ending. I’ll keep going. looking forward to my new adventures (starting July). BTW I am responding to this and also your comment on “Dog Dreams”. Sorry for the long reply. I tend to get very wordy with people I like and admire!

      1. I remember you wrote about the hail and mist soon after. And the oaks reminded me of the Live Oaks in New Orleans.

        It’s fine to write long in the comments. I enjoy the conversation. Sometimes the conversations inspire new work. I have times when I find I’ve written enough for a whole new blog in a comment.

        All the best. And thanks for your encouragement.


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