Too much, nothing at all

We are here
Too much to count
Too much to say
Too much to do
Right or wrong
Correct or not
Of food
Of technology
that of medicine
Too much
Too soon
Too late
They all lead nowhere
Friends become a number
Likes and dislikes
We become a number
Too many of us
yet not enough
Headed toward nothing


6 thoughts on “Too much, nothing at all

      1. When we sold the “big house” 2 years ago, I emptied and gave away 22 years of “stuff” in 3 weeks. It was difficult and intense, but ultimately liberating.

        Now I’ll need to put a (much smaller) home and kitchen back together (we’ve been in furnished rentals). We’re being loaned several essential pieces of furniture (yay)..

        Tomorrow I’ll fetch what bare essentials I can from a church benefit rummage sale. I need so much less than I thought.

        Hang in there. Moving soon or already here?

      2. I’m truly happy for you. I will confess when you first talked about this lovely home and how it came to you, and spoke to you I felt a tiny bit envious, mostly happy but a little bit of “why can’t we find our home?” We were so desperate. I had never been rejected this way before. I mean I have been rejected a lot but at least after people saw me/us. This time around even offering more money and all of it at once wasn’t enough. I felt helpless and hopeless when suddenly the home that meets and exceeds all my needs appeared. It is far from public transportation and above our budget but we are really happy to have it. It will be home until we can buy our own “big house” only to feel trapped and slaved again like before our foreclosure in Phoenix. I haven’t given up on this American delusion yet. I still want a nest to call my own … I was so afraid to jinx our upcoming move and even the house that I couldn’t bring myself to write anything about it. My husband just finalized it this week in SF so we are moving in July. It is in the city of Moraga. Not close to the beach but still nice. Thanks so much for all the positive thoughts and wishes you sent my way. They did their magic ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. I’m SO glad you found a place to land.

        I understand that feeling of desperation about finding housing. I was afraid to write about the house we found. I wrote. Then I posted a poem instead.

        Ours is still not “finalized” so we continue with the “friend’s barn” hedge against homelessness. But since our house wasn’t a rental before and she’s clearing out her things for us, I’m medium confident that it will work. This house is beyond our price range. But if we continue to live poor we should be able to manage.

        When thinking about a house purchase in the bay area, keep in find that this area is in an artificial housing price bubble driven by “investors” and “flippers”. Only a small fraction of purchases are going to families with traditional mortgages. Prices are beyond the reach of most. It would be easy to get in over ones head and be upsidedown when it collapses. We’re watching and waiting this year to see what comes about.

        Much love.

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