A rant …

I hate commercialism
I hate capitalism
I hate entrepreneurs
I hate fundamentalism

I hate entitlement
I hate self righteousness
I hate prosperity
I hate Americans for prosperity
I hate the Koch brothers

All these isms
Make my head spin
I hate them all
I hate how I notice them
How helpless I am
A puppet at their mercy
How I react to them
How they turn my mood upside down
Sideways too

I want to shut down
Shut down the TV
the computer
the phone
I want to shut my eyes
my ears
my thoughts too
I want quiet
No sights
no sounds
no thoughts
I hate how full of hate I am now

Danse Macabre
Only in death
We are the same

I started out feeling all these feelings, desperately trying to change them. Then this overwhelming classical piece, Danse Macabre, played on the radio and changed my mood, just like that! It concluded my rant on a positive note, don’t you think?!
I love the piece and these women are marvelous. Hope you enjoy it too!


One thought on “A rant …

  1. Turn off the TV, movies (even and especially Disney “children’s”), the radio, magazines, newspapers. This will help in a few weeks to months after you “detox”. I “unplugged” in 2002. I’ve been more peaceful and less frightened ever since. The media is owned by corporate terrorists. When you’re frightened, you’re easier to control.

    Unplug, dear.


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