The question

To do it
Now or later
Or not at all
That is the question
It needs to be done
not by me
Perhaps not now
Someone elseโ€™s problem
For tomorrow
Though it has arrived


8 thoughts on “The question

    1. It sure would! But there is no someone else. I think our attitude of leaving problems to others is responsible for humanities turn for the worse. We humans destroy our todays, assuming tomorrow will come and clean it up. There is no tomorrow, there is just now, and just us. That being said, I wish someone would come and wash my dishes and take the trash out tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I completely agree with you! That is the problem now days. People don’t like having responsibilities anymore. Instead they want to make everyone else do the work for them.

        Also, they don’t accept responsibility for their actions. Instead, they place the blame on others.

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