Mathematical or artistic?

I was making myself an omelet this morning. I put all my usual ingredients, butter, 2 eggs, some feta cheese, some parsley, some sea salt and some cracked peppers. I like to drink honey sweetened black tea with my eggs. That is I put “some” honey in my tea.  I say some because that is what it is. Other than the eggs, I don’t really have a measurement of how much of each ingredient I put in or how long I cook them. Some of it is left to luck, to magic. I don’t always get optimal results. Sometimes I get really crappy results.
I am like that in all aspects of my life. A part of me desires order and consistency, makes to do lists and thrives in a predictable world. A scientific world in which things, events, people, the weather and life follow a predictable and computable formula. The left side of my brain, the logic side, is perhaps in charge that. Yet there is this other part to me, the part that does not like order, does not like conformity and thrives on spontaneity, and on magic. Perhaps that is my artistic side, ruled by the right side of my brain.
The two sides don’t get along and butt heads often. I am constantly being pulled from one side to the other, unable to find my equilibrium.
I don’t do either part justice. I am neither an artist nor a scientist. I lack consistency.
My eggs were good though salty, but my tea too sweet …


5 thoughts on “Mathematical or artistic?

  1. I vote with the artistic side. But I’m old enough to have tired of and lost faith in pseudo-predictable science. Enjoy your spontaneity. Nothing is predictable. 🙂

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