Red Chair


Red chair
sits there
Atop the ruins
My life
I have no one to blame

Red chair
Sits there
through the houses
I see as I drive
It sees me

Red chair
sits there
Alluring and vibrant
Or by accident
I do not know

Red chair
Sits there
Mysteriously intact
Atop the rubble
It has life
Supportive cushions

Red chair
Sits there
Why not
Give it a chance
Why not
Give me a chance


One thought on “Red Chair

  1. Poor thing. It sounds like you’ve taken your life apart. I shall be doing this yet again in a few weeks. Florida. My husband has a job there so it’s on the road again. You’ll be here about the time we go. I had hoped we would meet. Next time, eh?
    I keep you in my thoughts and wish your transitions go well.

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