With chocolate covered strawberries

It happened
My first
Tangy and sweet
I still taste that
chocolate covered strawberry

We gathered
I too
a young nobody
To honor him
The wise Somebody

Family and friends
Colleagues and students
Grand hall, Soft music
Ah and yes
chocolate covered strawberries

Not if you asked me
His name upon printed things
Nonetheless this was
His retirement party

A choice
Not imposed
A gift
Not deprived
Retirement with
chocolate covered strawberries


4 thoughts on “With chocolate covered strawberries

  1. PArmis,
    What a great poem you wrote here! I especially like the repeating theme of chocolate covered strawberries.I could taste them.
    All the best, my friend.:-)

    1. Thanks so much Alice! It was a while back when I attended a retirement party for the head of pulmonary department at the University where I worked and studied. I was very young and clueless back then. Tasting those chocolate covered strawberries, was the highlight of that day! What I would give to have some more “firsts” like that or to be celebrated like that.

      1. Parmis,

        It would be interesting to explore the memory and find other “firsts”. They could be a great source of poetry. Especially with your childhood move from one country to the next, I bet you have a lot of them to recall.

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