A noble disease

It happened overnight
or so it seemed
The doctor
became the patient.
Her sickness was real
but it wasn’t noble
as in a broken leg
or a heart attack
She was sick
with a broken mind
Shunned from her work
friends and family
shunned from the world
Sleepless nights shook her to her core
with frightening thoughts
Those restless days
and never ending fights.
When the doctor
became a patient
of the worse kind


7 thoughts on “A noble disease

    1. Thanks Celestine I am totally fine 🙂 This was a while back and has passed. It is meant both for me and for any other healthcare professional who finds himself on the other side of the exam table. It is a humbling experience …

  1. Dear Parmis,
    I clicked “like” because I like how you’ve handled this difficult topic. But the topic is not an easy one. You must be channeling my life. I found myself on the wrong side of the white coat this week.

    Thanks, my friend, for your poem. I feel understood and a bit better this morning because of it.


    1. Thanks Alice. It means so much for me to have your “like” and wise words here. In fact your encouragement a while back made me sit down and write this and a few other ones in one insomniac night. I am still contemplating if I want to share them all here. I worry it is TOO much, too intimate, too honest. I feel naked exposing so much of myself. But then again I may feel liberated if I do. I am working on bravery and your writing is guiding me along the way. Most of my “brave” words don’t make it here, but at least them are coming onto a page. Thanks my friend 🙂

      1. Parmis,
        I write every day. But all of it is not made for public consumption. Be sure you’re comfortable with what you put it out. I once knew a man who wrote every day. He only felt comfortable and free with his writing because he deleted it at the end of each writing session.

        Insomnia is the writer’s friend. 😉


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