The killing act

I was five years old in a white dress
Too young to see what I saw that night
I saw a sheep be slaughtered before my eyes
Did anyone try to cover them, to pull me away?
Neck partially cut, blood draining out
The poor little thing was moving her limbs
I still remember her innocent brown eyes
They haunt my dreams

Later that night a feast was served
Delicious kabobs Made from this sacrifice.
Is it a cruel world
when a wedding party
celebrates by killing sheep?
Is this really worse than any other way
when we serve and eat meat?
Is it wrong to see or do the killing
before the eating

Do the sheep and the cow
or chicken and fish
anything else that lives
Really care if we see when they are being killed
Or if we buy them in nice little packs
No bones and no blood
very neatly cut
that I really doubt


4 thoughts on “The killing act

  1. Very deep and thought provoking today, Parmis.

    I’ve often wondered about the distance we put between ourselves the the killings which are necessary for our lives to continue. All the plastic-wrapped packages seem dishonest. Even vegetarians live by the death of other beings. All life lives on death.

    Keep writing. You have so much to say. Alice

    1. Thanks Alice. I must give credit to you for your encouragement. I have been writing about personal things some of which are rather uncomfortable (to admit to) and I am still not sure if I will put them here. But digging deep is proving therapeutic. I am so grateful you take the time to read and comment on my work. Now I’m headed to visit you (I mean your page 🙂

      1. Parmis,
        Thanks for taking time to visit me (my page).I know what a busy life you have.

        A friend told me he’d been reading my blog while I was away in France. He said that it’s been like being a peeping Tom. So you probably know me better by reading me than if you met me face-to-face.

        But when we meet face-to-face, I can buy you a cup of coffee. I’d like that some day. 🙂

        Yes. Keep writing. I find writing helps me sort out how I think and feel about things. It also helps me be more open-hearted to the world.

        All the best, my friend.

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