Weeping Willow tree

Willow tree
don’t weep for me
for I will be back
someday far away
when I’m no longer a child
mesmerized by the sway of your delicate branches
When I no longer remember
how I danced in your shade
as a child, no older than eight
when we first met

Willow tree
don’t weep for me
for my childhood
my innocence
I will be back
someday far away from today
when I have children of my own
you can show them
before they have grown
the joy of dancing in your embrace

Willow tree
Don’t weep for me
I will be back
when I am old and gray
Will you be there?
In the neighbor’s yard
Where long ago
a little girl danced with a little boy
In your embrace
secrets where told

I have heard
in the streets of my youth
they don’t plant trees anymore
tall buildings instead
The yards and the trees
have disappeared
ripped out as weeds
and the children have grown
Somewhere between then and now
their memories torn

This morning on my drive home after dropping off my daughter and husband, I suddenly had this feeling of nostalgia. It was the same old road with the same old trees, many of them still bare from winter. Suddenly I felt the trees with more than just my vision. I felt the road and somehow heard it with more than my ears. I don’t know how to describe it but it was an overwhelming and awe inspiring sensation. Somehow it reminded me of a weeping willow tree in my childhood friend’s yard. After sitting down wanting to write an essay about weeping willow trees, and getting nowhere, this poem came out. I suppose the muse had different plans, though it could also be that I hate my writing these days. How language fails me or I it … Thanks for reading


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