Purple song


Purple song
color of happy
to a beautiful melody
Red blossoms
cover the tree
with pink flowers
blooming playfully
Gray clouds
have parted away
Yellow sun
is peaking through the gray
Blue skies
embrace this lovely bouquet
My little girl
paints her color play

My daughter made this crayon color piece on a scrap piece of paper in daycare last year. She brought it home and called it “purple song”. I am not exactly sure how she came up with it or why she called a painting a song. When I asked her to describe it, she told me it was a happy song and went on to show me the sun, flowers, clouds, and the sky in there. So together made up a jingle about it. For several weeks after this day, every time she was hurt or sad over something, she asked me to sing the “purple song”. I had forgotten about this and somewhere along the way discarded the piece of paper she had painted but luckily I had taken a picture of it. Today she asked me where the purple song was … I feel terrible for throwing it away but at least it inspires me to write about it here and considering she is only five, hopefully she will forgive and/or forget this incident! Thanks for readingĀ 


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