Church, Bank, Starbucks

On my way home
Behind a red light
I see a church
Quietly majestic
Manicured nurtured lawn
Polished painted glass
Some bronze some brass
No one going in
No one coming out
The doors are locked
Next to the church
I glance at a bank
Cars in the parking lot
Drive-through cash machine
Cars with windows down
In this twilight
I look to my right
There is a Starbucks
Door swings open
Door swings shut
Cars upon cars
People in and out
I drive on ahead
The scene is repeated
Time after time
At each intersect
Church, bank, Starbucks
People worship Gods
Worship needs money
Money demands work
Work requires caffeine

This poem is not done but I wanted to get it started. It has been bugging me all day and if I don’t put it here, I won’t be able to sleep tonight! I had meant to write a prose but this poem of sorts came out. What I referred to as bank is most often a payday loan/cash center. There are so many of them. They have become such an eye sore not only ascetically but also emotionally. After much debate, I chose to not include them in the pome. I intend to practice observation without judgement and be mindful in my poetry. I find it very difficult to avoid sounding judgmental when I discuss payday loans, banks, churches, and religion … But it comes to coffee  … how can I criticize my new best friend coffee! That and tea are my no conflict zone! As always any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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