Fortune in a cup


Fortune teller
tell me my fate
In a cup
fresh brewed espresso
patiently made
silky bitter coffee
luxurious coco
sweet froth milk
smooth on my palate
until nothing of it left
but a foamy residue
Tell me fortune teller
tell me my fateimage (1)
Are those clouds
and a swan elegant and proud
Is that a woman wearing shades
A friend or a foe in that face
I see mountains
an open road
Tell me fortune teller
Tell me my fate


This morning I was drinking a home-made good-enough-for-me version of Latte this when the idea of using the empty cup as the “object” for my very first weekly writing challenge occurred to me. I began reminiscing about my childhood and youth and the few occasions I had gone to a fortune teller who used Turkish coffee residue in her fortune telling. As an avid tea drinker, I seldom if ever drank coffee. Prior to developing my recent affinity for espresso drinks, curtsey of motherhood, I used to enjoy an occasional cup of Turkish coffee, even the bitter residue parts. Though I never believed much in fortune telling, I always flipped my empty coffee cup and allowed my imagination take me places as I attempted to define and interpret what I saw at the bottom of the cup. Perhaps a part of me looked for some direction from something, or someone to give me a sense of purpose. Perhaps it still does … I enjoyed reminessing about my past and reading up on Tasseography. It is good to know the proper name for this method of fortune telling 🙂 Thanks for reading

This post was written in response to Daily Post weekly writing challenge.


One thought on “Fortune in a cup

  1. Maybe that cup has my fortune in the bottom, rather than yours. Those look like the clouds I will soon be flying over. And the green at the end of the cup is the water in Monterey Bay after I arrive. What fun. Dedicate your next “motherhood espresso” to me, okay? 🙂 Alice

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