With my trip to the grocery store
Let me tell you how I score
First off empty parking space
Cut someone off I win that race

Go inside coupons at hand
Some organic grown on local land
Select this with a bit of that
And let me try on that hat

Mineral water, milk and juice
Lemonade, herb tea, Greek yogurt
Cheese, butter, eggs and meat
If artificial there’s no need

A jar of beautiful with a tub of youth
Some more boxes with a few cans
Antioxidants for my face
Though most of them will go to waste

Have cashier use paper bags
Chat with the lady by the door
That is how conscientious I am
and that is how big I score


2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. “A jar of beautiful with a tub of youth” This is a fabulous line. It made me chuckle. This is a wonderful exposure of the American “natural” food consumer. The natural food life is a well-marketed growth commodity.

    And, hey. Where’d your avocado piece go? I read it in my email inbox but I couldn’t go comment. I’ve had exactly this avocado experience. I can’t tell either. 😉 What a fun poem.

    Have a good sleep.

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