Flowers in the sky

Where have the flowers gone
My daughter asks of me
I begin to tell her
In the cold of winter
Flowers are sleeping
They begin to grow
When spring arrives
and sun melts the ice

Have the flowers gone
up into the sky?
She keeps on asking
That’s what we told her
After our cat died
I love her so with
well placed intentions
That is why I lied

At the age of six
Frightening thoughts
Many sleepless nights
Why do we have to die?
What happens, do we fly?
Who is god and why?
What is behind the sky?
I found no answers

Now, I the mother
Don’t know how to answer
To my little girl
Don’t know how to tell her
That our little cat
Was cremated
And flowers die
None go to the sky


One thought on “Flowers in the sky

  1. This is a lovely and heart-tearing poem. The mother’s dilemma each step of the way is how much to reveal and when. My kids are 13 and 18 and I still struggle with this each day. Life is complex. There are too many painful truths. Hug your kids, love them and hold them close.

    And keep writing, my friend. Alice

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