Its my birthday
Thirty some years have passed me by
Everything changed
everyone changed

This me, I’m speaking of
Feels the same as it felt before
Yet the mirror doesn’t seem to agree

To those who think I have changed
I say it is they who are not the same
Where’s the flaw in my argument?

Is the me that I am now
The same me I was before
When I was eight or eighteen

Is the me that I am now
My memories, my actions
My feelings and emotions

My scars and imperfections
My height, my weight
Or perhaps my education

Am I the sum of me’s I was before?
Or did they die to make room for a new me?
If so then why is it that the new me
still carries those dead corpses around

Something, somewhere
Deep within
Makes me think these thoughts
Perhaps, that is where the real me lies

Thanks for reading. This poem was inspired by the following quote in a television program.

“Is the self an illusion? Decades roll by; every molecule of my body changes many times over. Yet I sense myself the same. Not just continuity, but unity.”
~ Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn – Closer To Truth


7 thoughts on “Me

  1. Parmis,
    Happy birthday! May you be blessed with many more years of health, great happiness and good fortune.

    This is a lovely thoughtful and thought-inspiring piece on a universal human theme: “as I change, who am I?”

    I’ve wondered these things, too. I’m glad to see you posting.

    All the best,

  2. wow. It’s 10.40am in the UK and though my day started over an hour ago this really ‘woke me up’ and got me thinking. An inspirational start to the day… Happy birthday!

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