Use it or lose it …

I’ve been absent for a while. I haven’t felt creative, nor have I written or read much of anything. I wonder if it was me who left or the muse but now I want to get back and let me tell you it is not like riding a bicycle. Even when I feel inspired, words escape me. Right now I am trying to think of a word and … “blank”, nothing comes to my mind. I can’t even find the right words to express my frustrated and sluggish state of mind. I am going MAD or senile or possibly both!That reminds me I haven’t ridden a bicycle in ages so who knows perhaps I’ve forgotten that as well!!
I wonder if this, creative writing if you will, is one of those use it or lose it kind of skills. Is the window of opportunity closing on that?
Same as acquiring a new language or becoming a true athlete which becomes increasingly difficult with age and rather impossible after a certain age. I hope my creative muscles can be sprung back to life with some sweet talking and bribery. I am even willing to lift some “weights”!
Meanwhile I suppose there is no shame in putting incoherent babble onto paper.


7 thoughts on “Use it or lose it …

  1. The window opens and closes. After I had each child, I felt like my creative self would never return. But it has. And it comes back in different ways. The most important thing is to keep writing. Exactly what you wrote today is exactly right.

    I’m so glad your back.

    1. Thanks so much Alice! How can I complain about this stage of my life when I full well know that these precious moments with my newborn are passing in the blink of an eye …
      That being said I’d love to be visited by other muses!
      Have a lovely day

      1. The time with a new baby is both precious and consuming. Congratulations. I hope you and your child are well and happy.

        The muses will be along soon, I’m sure.

        Blessing to you and your family.

  2. Nope, you don’t lose it. I have a theory that writer’s block is more about stress and lack of sleep than anything else. Creative writing takes energy; being rested and unstressed contributes to that (in my opinion). My advice: drink a bottle of wine Friday night, wake up whenever Saturday morning (preferrably later in the morning), go make an espresso, and sit at the keyboard. I give you odds that something sublime will come out.

    Also, I’m terrible at giving advice, so be careful not to actually listen to me.

  3. Parmis, I think this could be due to childbirth, but I could be wrong. I was so lethargic after I had my children, (though by then I hadn’t started blogging). Sometimes too it could be due to menopausal issues. Sometimes I just go blank and so forgetful it scares me. At such times, I hardly do any reading.

    Relax and go with the flow. What you have written up there is even your muse working πŸ™‚

  4. I think we all go through this state very often and for most, getting back is difficult. I belong to that ‘most’. But let me tell you when the muse come aboard you’ll be at your best. Welcome back and we hope to see your best coming shortly. πŸ™‚

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