Bitter sweet

Blank canvas before me
As I sit down to write
The muse and I meet up
I once again have things to say
Suddenly the screen
Begins to melt
And the keys jump off the keyboard
Everything melts
The chair I sit on
Is gone, the ground too
And I fall, fall, fall
But I never
Hit the ground

Once again I try
This time a piece of paper
An old fashioned pen in hand
Pressing upon the white page
With nowhere to go
Words escape me
And the ink is all but drained
The page turns into dust
And the pen stabs my flesh
It is red, red, red
My blood
Embraces the ink from the pen
No words comes out

My words are gone
With lips sown shut
And fingers twisted together
In a tangled mess
Feeling helpless
Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
With things to say
Pilled up sky high
They weigh heavy on me
I crumble
resting my lips upon the cool ground
There is a lesson
It tastes bitter sweet


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