Those who fear nothing

They cross the streets
as if they don’t see the cars
or that they don’t care
The women
The men
Young and old
With hardened faces and disheveled clothes
Sometimes on a wheelchair
Sometimes pushing a shopping cart
Holding all their belonging
When the light is red
when it is green
and when there is no light
They cross slowly
To the liquor store
and the Taco Bell
or perhaps nowhere
They don’t fear the cars
They cross the street
that starts with palatial homes
the gated country club and the lake
It leads to downtown
Where does one begin
and the other end
Those who have nothing
Fear nothing
In these streets hope is gone
no need to pretend


11 thoughts on “Those who fear nothing

  1. Wow. This is so honest and accurate. There is a growing population in this country with nothing left to lose. This troubles me. Good work on this. Stay well. 🙂

  2. Excellent description of the homeless reality . Sad but true.Thank you for liking my recent post.Best regards.jalal

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