Nine months

Joyous day
Happy news
A baby is on the way
Curled up
Dry heaves
My days
My nights
Time stands still
And I feel ill
From skin
All the way to my bones
Scent of air
Painfully cruel
Sip of water
Refusing to go down
I want it to end
I am kept alive
and fluids
pumped through my veins
Nothing joyous
In this plus one
How dare I
Speak of it
But happy?

To be well
Few blissful weeks
The morning sun
Gently caressing my face
I am well
My favorite cup
freshly brewed tea
How I’ve missed you
Piece of toast
Almonds and cherries
I inhale the flavor
Rip off the IVs
My bruised body
Needs no more probing
Not for a while
the scale
I stand on
No longer going down
I smile
A pound or two
I have regained
I am glowing
my sunken face
Blushing with joy
I whisper softly
I’m happy you are here
My precious soon to be

In me
Lives a parasite
I lie awake
Sleepless nights
screaming bladder
Aching back
Swollen feet
Tired days
Heavy eyes
But I dare not say
How can I
Call a fetus
A Parasite
For it takes all I’ve got
And gives nothing back
I weep in silence
He begins to kick
I am not alone
We’ll get through this


3 thoughts on “Nine months

  1. Your poor thing. Pregnancy was exactly like this for me. Are you getting any sleep? I found it easier to sleep in a recliner than in bed when I was big. What is your due date? Congratulations.

  2. A beautiful congratulations, Parmis : ) I hope he will be much joy to you! Sounds like pregnancy is quite a ride. Your words have described the journey very well.

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