We are together in this

That we are
Not just you, not just me
But we
Watching as the glaciers melt
And the rainforest disappears
In a chair we sit on
To write these words on a sheet
Beautiful white
Sipping coffee or tea
From a paper or plastic cup
And we watch the animals too
Before they vanish
Into abyss, or our failing memories
And tell our kids about a time
When wolves roamed
In the now flattened forest
And draw pictures of
polar bears and penguins
But will we know what they looked like?
Will we do them justice?
As I decide what number plastic
One through seven
can be recycled
A simple world
We have complicated
Yes we are
Together in this


8 thoughts on “We are together in this

  1. Thanks for writing a true and important poem! Extremely powerful in a subtle and quiet way. What kind of a world are we making and what kind of a world to our children?

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