My many wishes

I wished upon the stars
And they fell
I wished upon the clouds
But the wind blew them away
I wished upon the sand
On a lovely beach one day
But the water came and washed it all away
I wondered then
As I wonder now
would they come true?
For those wishes I once had
Its funny that I no longer remember
But I’m alright
And that’s not bad


2 thoughts on “My many wishes

    1. It started out that way but by the end of the poem I realized my dreams do change and evolve over time and sometimes they are best left unrealized! What got me started on this was the insight I got from my exchange with you and how not having some of the things I’d previously wished to have, seems to be for the best! That’s what I meant by “forgotten” and that I’m glad. Have a great day 🙂

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