Let Us

Let us love one another
Let us cherish each other

Tomorrow maybe too late
Let us let us live and love today

Let us feel this love affair
Rejoice in groups and in pairs

Letting go of our ego
Let us not wait in despair

To love is more than just words
It’s a state of being

Let us open up our hearts
To experience its meaning

Let us love one another
Let us cherish each other

Shedding tears once we have lost
The friend who may never know

Let us not wait until then
Let us love them while we can

The moment’s now not tomorrow
Its our turn not the other

Let us not wait anymore
Let us love them through our core

Today I find myself drawn to Rumi’s poetry. Inspired by the words I read, this little poem poured onto the page. The above image says “In the name of Love”. Thanks for reading and may everyone reading this, feel and embrace love today.

Parmis 5/22/13


11 thoughts on “Let Us

      1. Thanks, Parmis. I am. I slept better last night than in days. We’re cooking meals and walking again, making a semblance of normalcy from this.

  1. Great poetry! Loved it.
    Out of curiosity do you know how to read the language used in the picture?

      1. Ohh! I thought it is Persian. The country I live has the national language (Urdu it is) with similar script. It means ‘Nameless love’. Right? πŸ˜€

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