To retrain a predator

I just watched the documentary The Invisible War on PBS. It is sad and appalling but not surprising, at least not to me …

Military sexual abuse comes to light (yet again) with shockingly high statistics. The irony is laughable if not so tragic to see the recent arrests of high ranking officers in charge of sexual abuse prevention, for committing acts of sexual abuse and violence. There are talks to re-train and re-credential such task forces. After years of brushing it under the carpet and blaming and intimidating the victims, the powers being are putting up yet another fake show of concern and pseudo-determination to “fix” the problem.

The “officials” claim to want to do what has never been successfully and sustainably done – to retrain predators to not prey.
Why are these types of predatory behaviors prevalent among military personnel? Does anyone pause and investigate what attracts certain personality types to these career paths. I am not saying all service men and women have these tendencies, but people with more aggressive and domineering personalities are perhaps more likely to get attracted to positions and posts that put them in position of power over others. Positions that give them unlimited access to vulnerable potential prey. It is the nature of the game. The well publicized history of sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church is another well known example …
By all means play your little games and dodge the bigger questions. Go ahead and “attempt” to re-train and re-credential. But in the end, I would never trust a “retrained” lion to not attack the gazelle.
I can only try to imagine what some of these military predators have done in the countries they invaded and occupied. I mean if they do this to their own “brothers” and “sisters”, when there is the potential of getting caught and facing punishment, imagine what they’ve done/ continue to do to the poor people of the war torn regions, who have no “rights”, and no one speaks for them … Abu Ghraib prison abuse comes to mind …

The damage goes far beyond what has been done to the military victims. Some of those offenders and predators have long moved on to civilan life and live inconspicuously among us not on any sex offender lists, and continue to prey on unsuspecting victims. Why would they stop? They got away with it the first time, what is to stop them now?

Sad, disgusting and infuriating. I hope there is a solution, I really do.


7 thoughts on “To retrain a predator

    1. Thanks Alice. It just clicked in my brain that this is indeed an example of unrestrained power. I have so much to learn. This is such a sensitive and important topic for me for many reasons and I want to do my part however small.

  1. I haven’t seen the documentary but I get some idea from what you wrote above. There was a theory in the political science book I read some time back for my friend. It said, that the state what it must to survive and that citizenry is foolish to expect that it will be served by them.
    What you said above, is pretty much in live with that theory.
    Sad indeed.

    1. Thanks for reading. It is very sad indeed but I think and hope the world is changing in this regard and hopefully the future generations will not have to live with this kind of cruelty and abuse.

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