When a God loves a Mortal

She was an ordinary human. He belonged to a different class – the undead. He was extraordinary in every way. He was an immortal, a God.

Gods were the ruling class, the refined, the beautiful. They didn’t feed on blood anymore, they weren’t primitive vampires. You wouldn’t know him as a God, for he appeared very human. With a warm skin, flesh and blood and a beating heart through carefully implanted generators and a pacer, he was virtually indistinguishable from humans. He was an extraordinarily beautiful man, but still a man in appearance.

They all looked distinguished. The Gods where young – aging had stopped at the prime of their lives when they were turned. Identified as a superior human by genetic, intelligence and functional scores, he was selected for his role as an immortal from infancy. Beauty wasn’t what distinguished the Gods from the humans. It was their brilliant mind. But the Gods were beautiful. He was beautiful.

After much blood shed and destruction by the barbaric vampires, a subset of human race evolved to surpass them. Through advancements in technology and science, they utilized the vampiric venom selectively on genetically superior humans. That is how Gods were created. They ruled the regular humans in an orderly and fair fashion, always keeping a safe distance, and a very careful eye on their development. Once in a rare while, a lucky human blessed with a superior genetic make up, would be identified and recruited into the immortal world. But that didn’t happen often anymore. There were enough Gods to keep the world operating smoothly and they liked to keep it that way.

She was young, and beautiful. Full of life, full of a promise beyond that of the Godly world he belonged to. Promise of something he didn’t know existed.

Their eyes met first, then he reached out his hand. With that first touch, their worlds merged. She saw him and he her. She wanted him. He needed her. A need he had never known before.

He inhaled her sweet scent, she melted onto him. Their lips touched, their bodies merged. “magnificent, you are magnificent”, he whispered. She wept and as the tears rolled onto his face, ancient mysteries of life were unlocked. He tasted her lips, her tears, her breath. “Darling”, he whispered as he claimed her, body and soul.

This wasn’t meant to happen. Gods paired with Gods. Through careful isolation and grooming, a new God found his or her mate amongst other Gods and the Godly order was maintained.

There was no going back. He couldn’t be made mortal again, she wasn’t allowed to become an immortal. He wouldn’t part with her, nor she him.

How do you kill a God? Once created, the Gods remained in existence. That was a fact.

Take his heart? But he needn’t it. Take his body, it can be regrown, in fact their were clones of him in the laboratory waiting to be reinstalled. Take his mind? That was impossible, he possessed the power to neutralize any threat to his mind. With all their brilliance and meticulous planning, the Gods hadn’t a protocol for this.

He had been infected by her, The logical and intellectual barrier that separated him from humans, had been perforated by his love for a mortal woman. His senses still sharp, but distracted by the overwhelming power of this love. Then he knew, she was his weakness. Her demise, would be his. He and only he had the power to self destruct – to permanently silence his mind into nothingness.

They knew, and she was taken away from him. In a moment’s lapse she was gone. He arrived at her death bed. She was appeared quite ordinary as death approached her. Only a tiny thread held her to life. They locked hands, he whispered into her ears, she faintly gestured “no”, he sank his teeth into her flesh, but it was too late. In that instant they both thought of a different time, different world, where they both were the same. Allowed to unite, and love. Only if …

She slipped away, and he seized to exist.

To be continued …


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