Those powerful words

blank chalkboard

When I was in grade school
I remember the large blue eyes
of my literature teacher
as she asked me to read my essay
out loud before the class

Reluctantly I stood
before the dusty chalkboard
I read it somehow
“you have a gift”, she said
as I blushed and giggled

Those powerful words
buried somewhere deep
Decades later and oceans apart
I hear her voice
and I take a leap

The writer has arrived
I am worthy of the pen
I feel the craft
and I am writing
once again


22 thoughts on “Those powerful words

      1. You are welcome with my genuine pleasure.
        Writing is our strength and it is more powerful than Superman’s cosmic rays. A writing could change a Nation, a World, a Life, a Heart and everyone as it has do so to me… Everyone just has to feel it with love.
        I will love to die with my pen & notebook rather than laptop or smartphone…

  1. Beautiful dedication! I had several teachers like that while I was in college. They inspired and encouraged my writing. Their effect on me is still with me today. I won’t forget them for appreciating what I had to say.

  2. The same incident happened in my life too, but she didn’t say i had a gift, she just said i write well. And that was a huge compliment for me as i had difficulty in communicating in english those days, and my classmates thought me to be dumb. I can so relate to this, i can never really forget those words of my english teacher.

    1. Thank you so much! It is funny you said this because as a non-native English speaker, I was plagued with a lot of doubt about my communication skills. Happy writing!

  3. It is truly amazing the effect a few words spoken by a respected teacher in the days of our youth can have life-long resonance.

    My favorite teacher was Mr. H.C. Milligan who was not only a teacher, but also a mentor and a friend. His mantra was, “Honesty Is The Best Policy.”

    Mr. Milligan’s kind demeanor and accepting ways knew no prejudices of either ethnicity or ideology – – and his example has never failed to ignite a candle in my heart of rememberance.

    1. Thank you so much John. I wish I’d had a teacher like Mr. Milligan. He sounds truly amazing and your candid and transparent work in promoting truth and humanity are a testament to you both.

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