Carpe Diem Haiku “Eyes”

Carpe Diem a daily Haiku meme prompt for today is “Eyes”.

Afghan girl
Through her deep green eyes
Many stories are told
Of the harsh mountains
Eyes speak the words
Her lips won’t say to your ears
Listen with your eyes

Lioness and cubs
The wild Lioness
Watching over little cubs
Mother’s loving eyes


The meeting of eyes
Predator over her pray
His fate is sealed now

After reading the prompt these images poped in my head. First was the Afghan girl, one of my all time favorites. Then I saw a predator and a prey for which I can’t bring myself to post pictures. Perhaps I’ll keep this as a metaphorical short, characters can be lovers, even!  The last image in my head was that of a lioness with her cubs. These eyes are telling stories of life, love and survival …

Thanks for reading
January 25, 2013


14 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haiku “Eyes”

  1. The Afghan girl’s picture is awesome.
    No one can judge her misery, her green beautiful eyes trying to find an answer in the lens of camera.

    Why her?

    She is asking, why she has borned in Afganistan, where the people of her Nation trying to find a cure for terrorism. Why God has sent her there, where everyday and every second they have to struggle for water, meal & peace. She has no education, no iPod, no dresses, no beautiful shoes. Here! God have granted us all the facilities and yet we are complaining Him.

    Her voice might be grounded in the purity of her heart. But her eyes, those are made to mermerise anyone, have the reason. A reason to stands for her families hunger, poverty and misery. Her eyes are the inspirations for her family to live.

    (Sorry, I am not perfect in English, if there will be any mistake, please pardon me for the sake of this beautiful innocent, green eyed beauty.)

  2. I agree with the picture, it’s an epic picture and it tells so much. And “listen with your eyes” is such a perfect line.
    The lioness is a wonderful picture. Myself I took the tiger, but there is something special about the eyes of cats.

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