The good, the bad and the ugly: Time to say thank you to the “bad”!

What a world we live in! It is full of contradictions. We don’t want war, but we love guns! We don’t want to be killed but we don’t seem to mind killing. We have businesses, military, defense departments, corporations, manufacturers, etc., depending on the very concept of war, killing and guns. What would happen to them if there were no guns or wars?

In one hand we don’t want disease but isn’t disease a part of life? If it weren’t for illness, would we know and appreciate health? In my profession, I learned to battle disease, to “cure” the ill and to advise the unhealthy to get “healthy”. God bless the unhealthy for my paycheck though! If all the unhealthy were “cured”, healthcare providers would be out of a job. Or maybe we want people to be temporarily out of “health” so we can get them back in line and make some money, we certainly don’t want the disease to go on and god forbid for “death” to happen? But what about the morticians, cemeteries and other fine businesses that depend on the very concept of death. Where would we put all these “undead” anyways? There won’t be enough room on earth, that’s for sure! What is wrong with death anyways? Turn on the TV and the big, bad ugly DEATH is all over the place. Irony is how both death and the “undead” are portrayed as threats. From blockbuster movies to fine television programing about vampires, zombies, witches, fairies and other imaginable and unimaginable immortals, human life appears to be underattack and something is out to get us.

One of my all time favorits is the “Law”. If everyone was good and moral and no one harmed anyone or anything and followed the “divine” ethical code, would we need the police, judges or lawyers? Everyone would do what he or she is supposed to and that would be that. If we “cured” the ill of the society, the only role any public officials would have would be to build parks, roads, bridges and schools. No need for all the fine people who work in the law enforcement business! Now I would love to live in that world but clearly that is an unattainable Utopia …

The bottom line is that we need the big, the bad, the sick, the dead and the ugly for our world to keep going. We need them all. So let’s just stop the hypocrisy and accept it for what it is. Next time a mighty fine policeman arrests the “bad” guy and the almighty judge sentences them to prison or death, it would be nice to tell the guy “and thank you for my job and my paycheck”!


9 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly: Time to say thank you to the “bad”!

  1. “…Or maybe we want people to be temporarily out of “health” so we can get them back in line and make some money,…”

    You got that right! It’s all about the “money” and the people who get their power from it.

    I confess, however, to being an incurable and unapologetic utopian. I think we’ve got the potential to achieve utopia. Unfortunately, we won’t survive long enough as a species to do it.

    1. I hope what you have is contagious! Hope is such a powerful concept. Without it, I wouldn’t want to live. Even if I don’t live to see what I hope for, I can still live for it. And I too am a utopian (though at times apologetic; I suppose it is the apologetic Persian culture/my family culture, but I will change that about me starting now!)

      1. I’m not so keen on “hope”. I prefer to think of it as a sort of rational passion. Holding at least two opposing points of view at all times helps to keep one open minded.

        POV 1; humans are doomed to extinction very soon.

        POV 2; humans will change and evolve beyond this primitive, childhood stage and achieve true utopian civilisation.

        Though I feel the first is the more likely, I will not rule the second out.

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