Getting in shape: A Haiku + a little joke

To reshape our life
We don’t need a magic wand
Love, laugh, sing and dance

Let’s face it, everyone at some point or another wanted or still wants to to “get in shape”. But for every one person you show me who actually did get in shape, I’ll show you a hundred who did not. In fact for most people, getting in shape is one of those unrealistic fantasies that pretty much never come true, kind of like winning the lottery.
So I decided to redefine the whole “getting in shape” myth; to debunk it!
So after much deliberation and investigation, I figured out the problem. It is the “shape’ part that seems to create most of not all the problems.
So here is what I propose: Lets make the “shape” part of getting in shape, more loosely defined. Recalling geometry, when it comes to shapes, round, is a respectable shape so is square and rectangle. Let’s not stop there; fruit shapes for example to which the some female forms have so tastefully been compared to, such as pears and apples are also perfectly acceptable shapes by themselves. So lets stop losing the battle. Sure we can all get in shape, so long as the “shape” part of it is flexible.
Kind of like having only winners in children sports. Everyone wins! We too can win this thing!

Thanks for reading


3 thoughts on “Getting in shape: A Haiku + a little joke

  1. Yes, the “shape” should be flexible ;D

    How come no one ever thought of that?

    I see a better world filled with all kinds of “shapes”

    Here is to being any “shape” you want.

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