The Price of Beauty

Live animal testing

Ultimate beauty
I’ll pay whatever it costs
Make me immortal


Animal testing
Magic potion in a jar
My wrinkles be gone


She wears red lipstick
Little bunnies died for it
She is beautiful


The blond of her hair
Comes from a beautiful box
Made of dead bodies


I will not eat meat
To save the cows and the pigs
So hard to give up


I stand for nothing
If I do not stand for them
Save the animals

I was really moved by a blogger friend, Alice Keys’ blog about animals.
Here is the link to her blog:
It made me think of all animals that suffer and die so the we have many unnecessary things in life. I am not just talking about our food source, or even the many used and abused animals in pharmaceutical labs to make the next miracle pill for humanity. I am talking about everyday products such as skin care, perfumes, aromatherapy, dental care, etc, I was surprised and shocked to learn what is done to defenseless creatures in the name of beauty and vanity. I am working on becoming more mindful of the things I purchase and use in my home and I hope if more and more of us become informed and join the cause, we can collectively demand change and stop animal cruelty.
Here are links to help identify animal friendly products.

Thank you for reading


22 thoughts on “The Price of Beauty

      1. Hi! I’m not sure if I did it right. Initially I tried to link you 3 time but it didn’t show up. Maybe it was waiting for your approval? Then I just pasted your link … I’m glad you didn’t mind me doing that. Have a great rest of the day

      2. I have no idea how to link to anyone. I’m not so savvy and am figuring this out as I go. I just cut and past the link like you did when someone’s work inspires what I write. When you did that, It emailed me and called it a “pingback” and gave your web address. This is all good from my perspective. I live to be read.

  1. Thanks for sharing this! It’s an important reminder to be careful about what we buy. Animals shouldn’t have to suffer and die, so we can look beautiful. It’s one of the reasons why I use mostly natural things.

    1. It was so heartbreaking to see it 😦 I really believe most if not all people would want to use skin care products that aren’t the product of animal torture and abuse. These companies are very clever by hiding their practices … Thanks again

  2. Very direct short and sweet description of what it is all about! Your writting is very unique ! Thanks for them ,they need voices and you are one of them.
    Sherry 😉

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