the gun & the gunman

I wonder what it is
What it is that ties the men to their guns
Their guns above the children
The children who are sacrificed
Sacrifice of many to keep the men glued to the guns
Glued to the guns, as if they were gods
Gods vs. guns, which one wins?
Winner is the gun, that I believe
I believe in their power
The power that concludes with death of the gunman
The gunman and the gun going down
Going down to lay atop the fallen civilization

I’m trying a new approach to poetry. I want to start each verse by using the last word or words of the previous one. I’m not too excited about this first attempt but I may try to do it a few more time to see where it takes me. I suppose I am bored and trying to challenge myself by inventing styles!

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “the gun & the gunman

  1. You are being creative! That’s always a good thing.

    It’s fine to make up your own rules sometimes. Challenge yourself.

    In this poem, I made sure that only the third line in each four line stanza does not rhyme while 1,2 & 4 do.

    It makes the meter move like a machine with a small imperfection somewhere in the works. A rhythmic glitch that doesn’t stop the machine but lets you know it’s not running quite right.

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