amongst the wrong crowd

Never been lonelier
Than the time I was amongst
The wrong crowd
The self-righteous kind

A religion I didn’t understand
A Language I didn’t speak
Their fountain of poison
Their mission of defeat

Never felt sadder
Than when I heard the laughter
Of those who won
By oppressing the weak

Never felt weaker
Trying to escape
The cruelty of the “saved”
Condemning the “sinners”

I never felt sicker
Than when I witnessed them
Beating the wrong
Out of the misbehaved


4 thoughts on “amongst the wrong crowd

  1. Now you’re getting serious.

    I took my grandson to the park one day and found myself in the midst of an evangelical “outreach” gathering.

    Its impact was scary enough that I wrote a blog about it when we got home. I haven’t posted it on WordPress yet. Maybe I will.

    1. Thank you. In this one I am referring to al sorts of “wrong” crowds, not only the religious kind. Any group with a self righteous, entitled approach to the world in imposing their agenda and ideology is the “wrong crowd” in my book. These are grown up “bullies”. The best example of it unfortunately are the religious fanatics. You should post what you wrote, I’ll be looking for it.

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