A Nomad

I wonder sometimes
if I am a nomad
A restless soul
unable to settle
Always on the move
ever since childhood
it wasn’t my choice then
but who can I blame now?
I have changed countries
towns and cities
fifteen times all-together
and I am not done yet
Where is home I wonder?
It’s certainly not here
Will I ever settle?
Or am I forever
a nomad?
Is that my ever after?


8 thoughts on “A Nomad

    1. It is a dilema, on one hand I don’t want to be attached to any land or place or even people, the ultimate sense of freedom. and on the other I want to belong … That’s a hard one, even the hunters and gatherers eventually settled down. I think evolution has turned us into territorial creatures rather than free spirited wonderes.

      1. “…even the hunters and gatherers eventually settled down.”

        May have been the biggest mistake we ever made. Among other things, it led to sedentary farming, which was the beginning of human induced global warming.

        “This Neolithic Revolution was perhaps a great misstep on the path of human evolution.

        It has been hypothesised from the archeological evidence found at Göbekli Tepe that this area and time may have been the point in the human experiment where people first began to see themselves as separate from and superior to Nature and the rest of the Life on Earth. And I think that was a possibly fatal error.

        Klaus Schmidt, now a researcher at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), has been working the Göbekli Tepe site since 1994.

        Anthropologists have assumed that organized religion began as a way of salving the tensions that inevitably arose when hunter-gatherers settled down, became farmers, and developed large societies.

        Göbekli Tepe, to Schmidt’s way of thinking, suggests a reversal of that scenario: The construction of a massive temple by a group of foragers is evidence that organized religion could have come before the rise of agriculture and other aspects of civilization. It suggests that the human impulse to gather for sacred rituals arose as humans shifted from seeing themselves as part of the natural world to seeking mastery over it.”

  1. I resonate with this. When I was growing up, there were still more remote areas where the culture had not been dissolved by the process of industrialization. I had neighbors that had lived in the area for generations. When in France, I noticed it was not uncommon for people to stay put. This moving from one side of the planet to the other and disrupting social and family networks over school and jobs is new relative to humanity’s tenure on the planet. We’re simply not made for this social fragmentation.
    Keep writing.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, I feel displaced but from what? I don’t know where my place is … It’s and odd feeling. It is up to me to make sense of all these fragments, perhaps through thinking, righting and interacting with others who share similar values and interests … Thanks so much

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