Let’s blame Lance Armstrong


Lance Armstrong
is strong in my book
He survived cancer
and went on to win
Tour De France
Not just once or twice
he won seven times!
But now we know
he doped to win them
All over the news
disgraced and shamed
and called “a cheater”
I say who care?
For the love of God
We wanted entertainment
and he delivered
Take away the gold
but let the man be
Lance Armstrong
is strong in my book

But of course, this is BIG news. It is big because it is made to be big. How else would they keep the American public distracted and “entertained”? This is the era of cheaters. We have cheaters running our country, the banks and all the powerful companies. We have cheaters waging wars, killing the innocent, handing out guns. We have cheaters in charge of education and healthcare. Not to forget the cheaters who are feeding us poison in the name of food and in the name of medicine. Yes in this day and age, we would point fingers at a disgraced cyclist. Let’s blame Lance Armstrong because you see, that is the best way to forget the cheaters that we are, and the cheaters we allow to remain in charge of our lives, our world, our earth, and our humanity. In the end, we always need someone to blame and today, let that someone be Lance Armstrong because tomorrow, it maybe you or I.


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