Who do I write to?

I started thinking about this a couple of days ago. Being new to blogging, I formerly wrote only for me. I had no audience and my one and only audience for the most part liked what I was writing!
The reason I started blogging was to connect with the creative world and to overcome my contemplative and indecisive perfectionist. Once its out there and read by others, there is no going back!
Now that I have met others here, I find myself greatly influenced by their writing as well as their comments and feedback on my own writing. I find my writing taking a different form; traveling unchartered territories. I find myself writing both for me and for others. I find my writing has become interdependent on the writing and the opinions of others. I am just observing this as a new movement within me without any judgement or particular opinion. I just notice it is there. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.


10 thoughts on “Who do I write to?

  1. Although I’ve been writing for years, I’m new to the personal blog thing as well. I hope others will respond that have been posting a while.

    I write things to be read. I haven’t always. Knowing that someone out there is reading is important to me. Having an audience makes me be more thoughtful and careful with my words than if it were only for me. I’m thinking of readers while I explore ideas for myself. I mostly write what I’m thinking about, troubled by or engaged with in life at the time.

    I also write private things only meant for myself. My warmup morning journal is like that. Pretty junky and cluttered with daily dross.

    While writing for MIA, I’ve discovered that I enjoy the communications in the comment section. This stimulates new thoughts and ideas for me. Having been misunderstood many times there brings an awareness that I cannot always predict a person’s reaction to or interpretation of what I say or who they think I am.

    I also read a lot and always have. I enjoy the blogs of others. Since there are so many, I pick ones that speak to me personally and my changing interests over time. I read books. All of this influences my thoughts and approaches to what I write.

    “Once it’s out there…there’s no going back” Yes and no. One can delete or edit a post any time. One can allow comments or not. One can respond to comments in writing or not.

    Sorry. I tend to go on longer than most in the comments.

    1. I really appreciate it! What I meant by once its out there is that it is out of me and has been seen (almost like a confession to a priest!), even if I delete later. Having that knowledge is helping me overcome my perfectionism and allow myself to be more vulnerable and real. Have you read “The artists way”, I am reading it and doing morning pages which sound quite similar to what you are doing in the mornings. Thank you so much for reading my stuff. I still haven’t found what is my predominant voice. Is it poetry or humor, is it essays or fiction or a combination of above. It is wonderfully challenging.

  2. Yes, we are conviced by you. Actually, the worm of writing had made his permanent existence in our minds, hearts and spirits. We could never get rid of this even if we wants to. And we can never do so because it is a part of our life. It will always be in us to mark its presence.
    We are the gifted one that God had gave us a chance to use the power of words with the help of pens & papers. God bless those trees who were cut to make these priceless papers.

    You are a very kind, smart and sweet writer. Your writings shows the gorgeousness of your mind and beauty of your heart.

    God bless your writings….

    1. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so influenced by everything around me but I suppose that is my writing’s mind going wild! Perhaps my writing too is showing me its wild side and taking me places and I have no choice but to follow.

  3. I’m sure it happens to everyone Parmis. I know it’s certainly happened to me.

    That wonderful word you used, “Interdependent”, makes it a good thing. It enhances communication and understanding and these are vital to our survival as a species.

    Never stop. Never surrender.

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